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General information


The conference will be centered around the conference room. All oral presentations will take place in the same room, each one of a maximum of 10 minutes, and will be divided into sessions, each chaired by a session president who will control the time and organize the shift.

The presentations will be carried out in Power Points that must be loaded to the computer prior to the start of each session, with the supervision of the session chair.

The posters will be placed in the provided panels in the poster exhibition room and will stay there during all the conference time.


Spain is a country with open minded people used to receive thousands of visitors all over the world. Spanish people are, in general, friendly and talkative, with a lot of respect of different religions and cultures. In this line, LGTB members are accepted, respected and well-integrated in the society.

Thieves are rare and there is a good standard of safety in all the country. Nevertheless, the are two telephone numbers that everybody must bear in mind: Police 091 and Emergency 112.

The language spoken is Spanish, but English is very common, specially in young people.

The currency is Euro and all economic acts are subjected to tax payment (IVA)


The old Toledo is an iconic city with thousands of years of history in which the footprints of all the cultures, that one time lived there, still remain. It´s located in a hill surrounded by the Tagus River with steep and winding alleys that make feel the visitors as they were in the middle age. Close to it, a new and modern city of condos, parks and avenues stretch along the Castilla plain. Being a university campus, the streets are full of life in which the noisy young students mix with the floods of tourists who flock throughout the year.

The proximity and the exceptional well connection with Madrid, there are many high-speed trains and buses along the whole day, make Toledo another attraction point.


The 24th Congress of the International Society of Environmental Indicators will be held in Hotel Beatriz (Toledo, Spain) mainly devoted to this kind of events with modulated areas and sound and presentation accessories to held conferences. The congress area will have a conference, room, poster room, meeting area and toilets, all of them conveniently marked.

The hotel also has leisure rooms, swimming pool and spa, available to attendees stayed in the hotel.