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Abstract topics and form

General Topic:
“Colonization patterns: from landscapes to pandemics”

Detailed indicator topics 
Indicator Type: descriptive, efficiency and assessment
Indicator Areas (e.g.):
Bioindicators in changing environment.
Chemicals in soil and water
Climate changes
Desertification (deforestation, etc.)
Disturbed lands: natural colonization, restoration, rehabilitation.
Domestic pollution (sewage, effluents, solid waste)
Economics (as indicators of human environmental activity, etc.)
Electromagnetic pollution
Energy consumption
Environment and Public Health
Environmental indicators: soil, air and water
Environmental management (e.g. governments' policy, international & national big projects impacting environment, etc.)
Food waste and spoilage
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks
Industrial Pollution (e.g. chemical, heat,solid waste and nanoparticles)
Land use
Microbiology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Cytology, etc.
Microorganisms transmissions routes.
Municipal solid waste
Natural Resources (e.g. forestry exhaustion)
Noise pollution
Oceans, seas, lakes and coastal (pollution and changes by human activity)
Over-chemicalization of agriculture
Plants in ecosystems (e.g. desertification, invasive species, etc.)
Stratospheric ozone, depletion and greenhouse gases
Thermodynamic indicators
Transportation (terrestrial and aerial)
Tsunami and Earthquakes
Urban air quality

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Abstract sample for ICEI2022